Khine Htet Htet Htun, Hsu Pyae Sone, Tourism students of National Management Degree College

We have many places in Myanmar that deserve more attention of local visitors and tourists. One of spectacular places to visit is eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River with arts of carving of Buddha’s statues. Akauk Taung Pagoda is located at the western bank of Pyay and from Pyay to Htone Bo village where Buddha’s statues situated is one hour and 15 minutes’ drive, till to jetty. There are more than 300 Buddha images that are best seen by boat. Pyay also known as Prome is principle in Bago Division in Myanmar.

Across Ayeyarwaddy River on the western bank near Htone-Bo, there is a place of attraction called Akauktaung. The mountain was named for the crafty tool-takers from the mid-19th century. It is called as one of the world heritage of Myanmar and the spectacular of countless Buddha Images on the wall of Ayeyarwaddy River bank. Most of the local pilgrimage pay a special visit to Akauk Taung Pagoda on holidays in summer and winter. This area is known as Akauk Taung which means “Custom Hill” after the second Anglo Burmese War in 1853. Akauk Taung became the border between Upper Burma, which belonged to the Myanmar King, and Lower Myanmar belonging to the English.

At Akauk Taung Pagoda you can observe the arts of Myanmar crafting the statue of Buddha Images and pay homage to various forms of “ Mudra” which means appearance and gesture of Lord Buddha. There are some limestone caves on the Htone Bo mountain Ranges. The explorers can easily go to there from Yangon. To reach this site you may go from AungMingalar Highway Terminal in Yangon to Htone Bo village. Despite it takes about 8 hours to get there it is worth to visit. At Htone Bo Riverside, you can hire a boat to go to Akauk Taung. If you are an adventure seeker, you can hire one way boat and then explore the area nearby by walking. The 20 minutes boat ride will take to a hill side where many ancient Buddha sculptures were carved out from the stone cliff wall.

At the foothill, you can see about 330 Buddha statues. Some it seems build-up and plastered rather than carved out. Although not all are great pieces of art, it is amazing how ancient people were able to reach the cliff along the river to carve out the figurines. You should go on a trek up the hill where you can see more Buddha sculptures. You must also need a pair of binoculars to see the beautiful things. At the top of the mountain, you can get a spectacular view of the great Ayeyarwady River. In the evening, you can see the beautiful sunset view.