Inndawgyi CBT (Kachin State)      –        The country’s first-ever eco-tourism site, the Indawgyi wildlife sanctuary, was established by the ministries of hotels and tourism and environmental conservation in 2013.The plan entails helping local residents provide bed-and-breakfast accommodation, with package tours organised by Inn Chit Thu organization and other travel companies with funding from Fauna and Flora International.We can ride the Canoe Boat, machine Boat and Bicycle. And also we can do bird watching and hiking-trekking around the villages. We can study about the ancient pagodas, villager’s life, their cultures and traditions, etc.

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Fauna & Flora International, Myanmar Programme No. (35), 4th Floor, Shan Gone Condo,Myay Ni Gone Market Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon
Tel: +95-9-73194749

NgweLwin၊  Fauna& Flora International (FFI),

+95 9 420080493, [email protected]

ZweZawZwe Hein, Innchitthu,

+95 9 451511823, [email protected]

Kayah Cultural Community Tour –        Two Kayanethnic villages;Hta Nee La Leh and Pan Petvillages and one Kayaw ethnic village; HtayKho in Kayah State, have been offering CBT. Kayah has many ethnic groups, natural attractions of great interest for tourists, unspoiled natural scenery and experiencing cultures that still preserve their traditions and way of life particularly for cultural and nature tourism.These community based cultural tours offer the fascinating, fun insights into local life and culture in Pan Pet, an ethnic Kayahcommunity  in Myanmar. The short trek, cultural and nature trail give tourists the chances to explore a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, a monument which honours the village clan, an animist bird totem, and a guardian spirit cave, the ‘Kayhtoebo’ hall and shrines, where animist traditions are practiced. The Artisans’ Trails provide visiting  traditional  Kayan homes, seeing artisans making Kayan bracelets, weaving traditional textiles, carving wooden statues, weaving bamboo, or other handwork. Additional highlights of the trail include visiting the village’s Clan Monument, and the Ker Kwang(a Bird Totem) where your local village local guide will explain about the village’s clans and ancestors. Guests can taste traditional Kayan rice wine on request (optional)  and then,  visitors can learn about the fascinating culture of carving a wooden coffin for ones’ parents: ensuring that elderly parents feelpeace of mind that their children can manage after their passing. Another a popular activity is Eat traditional Kayah barbecue, on the banks of the Seven Lakes.  The best time to eat Kayah barbecue by the seven lakes is lunchtime or before sunset.

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Local Tour Operators:

Amazing Kayah Travel and Tour

[email protected]

Contact: +95 9560 0315, +95 9308 00500, +95 9254 936770

9Generation Force Travel and Tour

[email protected]Contact: +95 9256 502908

Meticulous Myanmar Travel and Tour [email protected]Contact: +95 9780166815;

+95 941008080

B&B  withThandaunggyi CBT  (Kayin State)  –        Thandaunggyi in Kayin State started offering B&B stays last year. Most Christian people are visiting to Thantaunggyi due to pilgrimage traveling.Travellers can visit the former British Hill Station, Tea Plantation and factory, Small Butterfly Village, Waterfalls & Hot spring in the surroundings of Thandaunggyi), Naw Bu Baw Mountain, and also explore traditional Bamboo Baskets, Forest Walks, Trekking Trails
Cycling, Karen Festivals, Karen New Year Mountain, Harvesting.

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Thandaung-gyi Tourism DevelopmentWorking Group:

Saw Bo Thar (Chairman) Tel:   +95 5445017

Pastor Philip Po (Secretary) Tel: +95931761900

Pa-O Community Involved Tourism in Shan State    –        Four villages in Nyaungshwe and Taunggyi townships in Shan State are already opened for tourists to explore Pa O ethnic’s culture and their arts and crafts. We can taste Pa O traditional curry, fruits and cereals. Sometimes visitors can participate in Pa O Novation Ceremony. Visitors can enjoy the following activies;

Entertainment with Pa-O traditional dancing by playing with traditional musical instruments

Observation in the Local farmers’ lives’  land and hill cultivation

On the trip , traditional handicraft industries, blue and hazy mountain range, local ways of life, seasonal crop plantations, long term plant/tree plantations, ancient & historical pagodas, panoramic view from the tip top of the mountain and so on.

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KhunTunOo,  Ph;09-5215573 , No. 89, Phaung Taw Pyan Road, Win (3) Qtr, NyaungShwe Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

[email protected]

CBT in Myaing ,MagwayDivision  –        The specific objectives of this CBT in Myanig, Magway Region are to foster alternative livelihoods opportunities by providing hospitality skills training and employing interested community members, to benefit the wider community by creating a community fund in which a portion of tourism revenues can be used to fund community-wide development projects.During the trip, visitors can enjoy in the as the followings;

(i). Observing the livelihood activities

(ii). Trekking in the village, making traditional snacks and learn weaving

(iii). Observing the characteristic of the villagers’

(iv). Discussion in situation of the development of village

(v). Visitor could visit around the villages by riding a bicycle.

(vi). Visitor could plant in the areas of cultivation.

(vii). Sometimes, visitor can participate in Novation Ceremony.

(viii). Visitor can paint Thanakkha on the face.

(ix). Visitor can enjoy local transportation as Bullock Cart.

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AungMinnaingPh; 09794402697   email; [email protected]

CBT with Dolphins      –        In six Ayeyarwaddy River villages between Myingun in Mandalay Region and Kyaukmyaung in Sagaing Region,  local partners developed a unique program where visitors can actively learn the traditional fishing methods and how to cast a net taught by the amazing fishermen and -women themselves. Another way to interact with the villagers offers the photo tour where visitors accompany the fishermen/women in the early morning on their daily fishing tour calling the Ayeyarwaddy Dolphins for help. And with great luck, they can see dolphins and be witness of a truly amazing spectacle – the fishing with these rare creatures, Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin. The boat trip in Ayeyarwaddy River is a great opportunity to observe wildlife, particularly water birds such as Ruddy shelduck, Chinese spot-billed duck, Asian openbill and many Black kites and Cormorants. We can go for a tour of the village, which will be led by one of the villagers. We can observe local village life in all its fascinating forms – the architecture, the people, the animals, the activities and the Old wooden monastery, pottery, Bamboo hat making, cigar making, Ground net field,making pea nut oil traditional with cow.

For Further Information

GeoDiscover Travel Co., Ltd.

E mail.[email protected]



Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

E mail: [email protected]


Facebook: WCSmyanmar

SorLoung CBT   –        Chin State showing off the traditions and daily lives of Chin people, their customs and clothing.The tour offers a fascinating and unforgettable experience where you can climb Mt KhawNauSone, stay overnight in a remote Chin village and meet some of the villagers who live there.  Mt Khaw-Nau-Sone is part of the Chin mountain range with a height of 10500 feet above sea level and one of the highest peaks of Southeast Asia. Mother Earth mountain, also known as Mount Victoria a term left over from colonial days, is now better known in Myanmar as “Nat Ma Taung” or in Chin language as “KhawNauSone”.  Mt KhawNauSone( Mount Victoria) is a protected area, in KhawNauSone National Park which was established in 1994. It’s area is 279 square miles. The park is an association of ASEAN Heritage Park and includes an important birding area. The park offers virgin forest, wild orchids and colourful butterflies. Visitors can join in with Sor Long’s traditional way of life by sitting down to a local meal with the villagers and enjoying traditional Chin dances and musical performances. The villagers are also very interested to hear about your countries, your lives and your stories. The tour includes a trek through surrounding villages which presents unique Chin cultures, customs and village life.The dramatic scenery coupled with abundant birdlife provides the perfect holiday location for those who appreciate the natural environment and enjoy eco adventures. For those tourists who like to meet the locals, then the KhawNauSone villages and townships of Kanpetlet ,Mindut and Matupi offer a unique insight in to Chin life. So, visitors can do the bird watching, Hiking and Trekking in this Visitors are intended to stay in Chin houses built with bamboo, thatch and wood.Overnight stay visitors could enjoy the performance of Chin traditional dance with drinking Chin traditional wine.

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E Condo, Bldg D, Room No. 4 -1, No. 4 Zay North Street, Dagon Town ship, Yangon.

Phone: + 95 9 5152531

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Web Site:


Tamarind Lake Village Homes       –        Ma GyiKan Village (Tamarind Lake Village Homes) is located in Salay Town, Chauk Township, approximately 1 hour drive away from Bagan. Salay is well-known for the ancient religious monuments from the Konbaung Dynasty (late 19th Century). Among those monuments, Yoke SoneKyaung Monastery/Museum is a must-see for the visitors. Magyikan Village was created as an alternative livelihood for the locals, to preserve and showcase the lovely local culture to the visitors, and for the visitors to enjoy delightful culture of Myanmar rural society. Visitors can stay at the authentic local houses of the villagers. They will have a chance to enjoy local traditional activities, learn the culture of people of the Magyikan village and walking and trekking nearby villages. And also they can taste delicious traditional meals and local product food (MottePyarThaLatt). Visitors can ride traditional Bullock carts around the village.  And they can also visit to the Salay tamarind juice production site. For Further Information All Asia Exclusive Travel Co. Ltd Contact: +959795555402 ,+959784 928730, +95975092709 Email:[email protected] Facebook:Tamarind Lake Village Homes

Kyaikthalae CBT and BIO Garden         –        Visitors can see how to plant the Bio-garden in Kyaikthalae village, Twante Township, Yangon. Visitors could observe making a bamboo basket and weaving, visit the Mingalar monastic school to greet the children that study and resides there. During your visit, it will be possible for you to hand over the vegetables sourced from the Bio-garden to make sure they can eatnutritious meals. And also they can learn about the creation of natural fertilizer, the cultivation of crops and poultry farming. While eating the dinner, visitors can enjoy a culture show including dance acts such as U ShweYoe&Daw Moe.If you are still keen to learn even more about traditional pottery making techniques, the Twante pottery village can also be visited on your way back to Yangon. And then,visitor can visit and pay homage to ancient pagoda around Twante Township.

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CBT Information & Sales Team

[email protected] Ph : +959762088726

[email protected] Ph:+959422126180
[email protected] Ph : +959454730595