Nay Pyi Taw, 11st September

The minister of Hotels and Tourism, who is also the secretary of Myanmar National Tourism Development Committee, H.E U Ohnn Maung attends the meeting at Mingalar Thiri Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw, this morning to meet with State and Regional Tourism Ministers. The government officials from Nay Pyi Taw Council, State and Regional Tourism Ministers, responsible persons from Myanmar Tourism Federation attend to this meeting.

At this meeting, Minister said “The target of this meeting is two main things: the first one is to get more suggestions about new Myanmar Tourism Policy which will be submitted soon and to know ahead about the responsibilities of each regional government and the next is to discuss for a solution of coordination for future Tourism Development.

He also said that “Tourism is a kind of business which can get more benefits for local people. It is not only for business profit but also for promoting the country image and maintain the nature, cultural heritage, local food and the tradition of local people. Having the glance to the neighbouring countries, in 2016, tourist arrival to Thailand is (32.6)million, (16.4)million to Singapore,(26.76)million to Malaysia,(5.012)million to Cambodia, (4.23)million to Laos, (10.01)million to Vietnam,(12.02)million to Indonesia,(5.97)million to Philippines,and (2.9)million to Myanmar. Among tourism bloomed countries, some countries does not have tourist attractions, cultural heritage, natural beauties as Myanmar. If we try the best for tourism development, our country will be bloomed in tourism industry.

There are many job opportunities more investments, basic infrastructure development in tourism industry. Because tourism cause multiplier effect or ripple effect, he would like to discuss state and regional Ministers attending the meeting what they want to do in progress regarding the tourism development and also the representatives from each department can also suggest.

According to the agenda, Director General from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism explained the governmental staff of states and regions to prepare regarding the Myanmar Tourism Laws (Draft).


Deputy Directors, Directors from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism discussed and reported the progress working with state and regional government organizations for the Tourism Development , Development  ally, the situations for international or regional cooperations.

Finally the Union Minister negotiated and gave suggestion the necessary for the discussions of State and Regional Ministers.