Nay Pyi Taw, May (15)

                The four types of Hotels and Hospitality Course was held on May (14), 2018 by cooperating the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism (Taunggyi Branch) in Ministry of Hotels and Tourism,Vocational Training School of Nyaung Shwe with the supervising of Ministry of Education and Myanmar Hotelier Association (Southern Shan State) at (9:30) morning in Naung Shwe  Vocational Training School. In the ceremony, Shan Government and the Minister for Inn Ethnic Affairs, Dr.Htun Hlaing were attending and said the opening speech.

In the speech, the Minister for Inn Ethnic Affairs said that the human resources will be more developing and these can never be lose by opening like this course, not only the trainees need to be a good citizen who perform the duties that will affect the advantages to the country but also just attending the course, the trainees who are the local people also need to obey rules and regulations because of treating the international visitors keep in touch in Hotels and Tourism Field and  as a result they will get the knowledge from them vice visa. Moreover, the staffs in tourism industry are the good citizens who are making to get the income for their local communities and country.

And the chairman, U Myo Min Zaw (Myanmar Hotelier Association, Southern Shan State) also explained the subjects about the course such as the courses of Hotels and Tourism are organized continuously with the direction of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the trainees are the lucky persons for learning with the qualitative trainers, good teaching aids compare with the former time.

“As the trainees must follow rules and regulations that are laid down from the course and come back to the hostel before over limited time, the trainees are not allowed to miss the course at most (3) days, need to follow the trainers’ directions and ask to the trainers when they don’t understand about the subjects they learned, the trainees also need to have the good qualities to give service to the guests’ satisfaction and finally  do the best in learning the lessons” Deputy Director Daw Nyut Nyut Khaing from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism (Taunggyi Branch) also said the opening speech like that.

To the opening ceremony, the Minister for Inn Ethnic Affairs from the Shan State Government, the Deputy Director from Taunggyi, the local authorities from Nyaung Shwe township, the chairman and members from Myanmar Hotelier Association (Southern Shan State), the trainers and trainees as the number of totally (184) participants  were attending and the ceremony was closed at (11:00) a.m.