Under the guidance of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Training and Education Department has been conducting the Human Resource Development Training Courses collaborating with related Hotels and Tourism association of the private sector and active participation of the local communities.


Tour Guide (Basic) Training Course

In order to be skillful in the presentation of tourism sites in Myanmar, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has conducted the Tour Guide Training Courses since 1992 at the Tourism Training School in Yangon. Up to March 31, 2017, Tourism Training School(Yangon) has successfully delivered the (53) batch, altogether (9178) trainees for the Tourism Industry since the beginning.

Besides, Tour Guide Training (Refreshment) Course has been delivered since 2006 for the Tourist Guides who expired their license and needed to register again. The record until March 31, 2017 shows this kind of training has conducted (7) times and (514) tourist guides have participated.


Regional Tour Guide Course

In order to provide quality of Guide Service to the tourists who pay visits to the destinations and to create job opportunities for youth in those regions, Regional Tour Guiding Courses are being conducted in nation-wide. Up to March 31, 2017, (3482) trainees from (32) programs were completed.

1 Month Hospitality Training Courses

Under the guidance of the Ministry, 1 month Hospitality Training Courses are being conducted in regions since 2011 and (8203) serviceable employees are successfully delivered as mentioned below:

  • Front Office (2500)
  • Housekeeping (2425)
  • Food and Beverage Service (2044)
  • Food and Beverage Production (1234)

Moreover, On Job Training Course for the hotel staff is being conducted at the hotel zones. Those trainings were conducted in hotel zones of the regions start from 2015, and (4010) hotel staff have participated in this project.


Other Hospitality Training Courses

         Under the supervision of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and along with the technical assistance of Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency (Lux Dev), Hospitality Training Courses have been delivered (both lectures and practicals) at Bo Son Pat Hospitality Training Centre (Yangon) for (8) times altogether with (569) serviceable trainees.

In addition, hospitality training courses for locals are being conducted at Nyaung Shwe Technical and Vocational Institute, located in Ma Gyi Cin Village, Nyaung Shwe Township (Southern Shan State) so as to improve the socio-economic status of the locals in that region. Up to March 31, 2017, NVTI (Nyaung Shwe) has successfully conducted the (4) batch with (212) participants.

In order to improve the language skills of the youth and broaden their horizon, English Proficiency (basic level) and Computer Training Courses have been delivered in Mrauk Oo and Kyaut Taw Township (Tha Yet Ta Pin Village), Rakhine State. (135) participants joined this program actively.

Moreover, Thai Language Proficiency Course for Hotel Service has been delivered in Myeik Region (Tanintharyi Division) with (50) serviceable employees.



In collaboration with Ministry of Education, B.A (Tourism) Course was introduced at National Management Degree College (Yangon) and Mandalar Degree College (Mandalay) since 2012-2013 Academic Year. This achievement shows the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has focus on appearance of the experts and care on glimmer of the future tourism industry.

Fulfilling the knowledge and skill of the students, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is encouraging to participate in the training abroad. The (68) students has participated in (18) international courses, so far.