Requirements for Applying Permission

Basic requirements

  • Tour Company’s application for permission with guarantee for not to involve in Political, social and religious matters.
  • Guest’s name list, nationality and P/P no:.
  • Itinerary mentioned with day by day route and accommodation. (MOHT’s Registered Hotel and Lodging-house only)
  • Guide’s CV and copy of valid guide license.
  • Copy of Updated Tour Company License issued by MOHT.

Additional requirements

  • (For Caravan Tour) – Need to mention passing and proceeding countries, Particulars in detail of vehicles/ bikes and photos (front & back)
  • (For Yacht Tour) – Photo of Yacht, Crew List, route map showing islands to be visited, Copy of Yacht license issued by MOHT, Copy of Guide License.
  • (For Riverine Tour) – Photo of Ship, Copy of Ship license issued by Department of Marine Administration, Crew list.
  • (For Cruise Tour) – Photo of Cruise and its particulars, Crew list.
  • (For Chartered flight Tour) – Photo of Chartered flight and its particulars, Crew list.