Ei Thandar Aung, Tourism student of National Management Degree College

Have you ever thought about the boosting of Myanmar tourism industry?
With Myanmar’s changing politics, new specialization fields are increasing popularity and tourism management is among them. Tourist numbers are relatively rising than the past years and the hotel and tourism industry becomes developed expeditiously. The industry needs smart people and to put them at the right place most importantly. Putting the right people at the right place will develop every business at the high speed.
Why we tourism management students do find it hard to get into the right place?
Hospitality and tourism management courses are delivered by skilled professors from international organizations, successful business people currently working in tourism field and quality lecturers in National Management Degree College. Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and tourism management will be awarded to the students who have successfully accomplished the four year study and six month internship. This is the fact that makes the students fully qualified both in theory and in practice and be at the standard of international.

NMDC tourism management student during her internship at Zigway, Social Enterprise, 2017
The students have to learn not only the basic subjects like history and geography also the major subjects like English for tourism, tourism and hospitality management, consumers behavior, service and event management and the additional subjects like tourism law, statistics and ICT. Besides, the college offers the students the first aid courses in collaboration with Myanmar Red Cross Association yearly.
Students get lectured by the teachers who have experiences not only in tourism and hospitality academic field, but also in industry. Class tasks and group projects are more emphasized than the on-paper exams; students can apply everything they have learnt to real life work and have people-skills, self-management skills and the ability to work in team well. Besides, most of the students are multilingual.
Without by force of the college, working in the international programs like AIESEC and TED talks and participating in the youth camps like YSEALI, SSEAYP and IDFC on their own initiative has become a culture among the tourism management students.
But why are these students still struggling to get an internship? Does the industry not need multi-skilled management students or does it just want the vocationally trained people? With the aim of long term benefits, every hotel and tourism agency under the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism should help improve the tourism management students who will bring about substantial progress to the Myanmar tourism sector in future.