Warso Chin-Lone (Cane Ball) Festival

   Date – After the Full Moon Day of Waso

   Location – Maha Muni Pagoda Compound, Mandalay

Duration – 48 days

Waso Chinlone Festival of Mahamuni Buddha image hold for 48 days. This game holds annually since 1926; the largest sport event of its kind, participated by over 1000 Chinlone teams. The players had travelled across from all corners of the country to pay homage to the most revered Shrine, and to convene in tribute, the game of Chinlone. It is believed that this game has taken root in Myanmar for more than 1500 years. During the Festival of Mahamuni Buddha image, as the grandeur of game call for, chinlone contest is performed with live music of Myanmar saing-waing (traditional orchestra) and running commentary.