Thant Thaw Kaung, Kyaw Ye Aung, Su Pyae Sandi

Myanmar has been ruled by several kings with greatest achievements. But the kings are not the only ones who did the greatest in the history. There was a prince who was so brave and wise that he lifted the injured country over his shoulders and made it change a stronger one. He was the prince Kanaung, the president and guardian of the ancient Myanmar. In Konbaung period (19th century) when the country was in a serious situation losing wars and unity, he redirected the country to the right way and rehabilitated it.

The Prince established lots of weapon factories and manufactured the rifles and guns (e.g. “Va” guns) as national defence was his goal. One of the Prince’s greatest achievements was the invention of naval mines and he could use them successfully in Aung Pinle Lake. He also built 50 other factories and many professionals were appointed. He created telemessage in Myanmar Language and opened a lot of telegraph-poles and offices. Along Myanmar history, citizens had had the highest living standard during his age.

There are places which can recall the memory of the prince. The followings are the most distinct and remaining places where the prince left his remarkable impact for the country’s development and where we can go and observe.

Coinage Factory

In the north east side of the grave of the King Mindon in ‘Mya Nan San Kyaw’ Palace in Mandalay, Kanaung Prince built this Coinage Factory and started producing royal coins in 1865. The rest of the factory is remaining the same except some damages during World War 2. We can definitely enjoy the art of the Yadanarpone Dynasty there.

Weapon Factories

One is located in Sagaing city near the former railway station of Sagaing. There, we can enjoy and indulge the image of Kanaung Prince. Another one is “Diarmikin” Weapon Factory in Mandalay City but it has been turned into Wine Factory during British Colonization.

The Citadels

Inwa citadel and Min Hla citadel built by the Kanaung Prince for national defence are full of great memories recalling him.Everyone who is interested in history and archaeology should visit and learn his visions and ideas of construction and defence strategy.

The Supreme Court (Hluttaw)

It is situated in ‘Mya Nan San Kyaw’ Palace in Mandalay. This was the place where Kanaung Prince was killed by the assassins. The building is made of teak and the bottom of it is painted in red colour, but the upper part is gilded. The most splendid craft in Hluttaw is the ‘Siha Sana’ Throne. On the left side of this throne was the place of Kanaung Prince. Architecture lovers will be the perfect match for this destination.

By visiting these places, we can remember the story of Kanaung. Moreover, we can also study interesting history, handicrafts and architectures which can give us the taste of the past and that’s why we would like to invite everyone to come and visit these memorable places.