Ministry launches www.tourisminmyanmar. to facilitate vibrant tourism in emerging ASEAN Nation

Nay Pyi Taw, 31 August

THE Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MOHT) is launched a new portal
as part of its efforts to reach travellers seeking a unique Asian experience. As tourism is an important economic feature
with its activities contribute significantly to any country’s development goals, generating income and employment for its
people, and is the first stop in foreign currently exchanges, the ministry has taken every effort to ensure travellers are
well equipped about the Myanmar Experience.

As the Ministry in charge of all tourism efforts, it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing our very best to promote
all that the country has to offer to potential visitors. Myanmar was visited by 3.55 million international travellers last year,
which was a 3.15% increase compared to 3.44 million arrivals in 2017.

Once concrete step towards promotion Myanmar as a tourist destination is through the newly launched mm. The portal is a wealth of information and promotes Myanmar as an emerging tourist
destination offering diverse experiences of abundant resources, culture and natural heritage, genuine hospitality
and spiritual values.

More importantly, we are spreading the message that Myanmar is safe and secure for travel. The portal will be part of a digital
ecosystem that will promote Myanmar’s tourism activities and create interest in would be travellers from all parts of
the world.

Our higher yielding makers of Western Europe and North American will be reached through this portal
and the coordinated social media campaigns we are running. The site will also be able to reach our close by markets
within the ASEAN countries that continue to show growth with a different range of products especially in the short
breaks area.

The portal is just one of many digital activities being planned and executed by the Ministry, which include supporting all stakeholders – from
hotels to guides and tour operators through directory listings on the site as well as advertising opportunities. The
MOHT trusts that this support will be reciprocated through the use and promotion of the portal by the stakeholders to their clientele and within the
industry itself.

With the portal officially launched the Ministry is well on track in creating and spearheading tourist growth in the country not just in the
short-term but in the years and decades to come

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