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Celebrated fro 5 days usually from 13 April to 17 April


Throughout the country


This festival is held in April in Yangon. Hindus in Yangon would conduct an ancient ritual to receive good fortune. Locals are happy to share their culture and traditions with tourists.

The Hindus in Yangon highly regards this festival which is held in April at the Sri Angala Enswari Munieswar Swamy Temple. This celebration is a significant one for the Hindu community in Myanmar. Attendees celebrating this festival walk on hot coal as self-sacrifice to expel evil from their body and spirit. They then soak their feet in goat’s milk and the ritual would be complete when they rub their feet with turmeric. It is believed that the attendees who did the ritual would receive good fortune. Thousands of tourists also attend this ceremony to witness how this traditional festival blends into the urban environment of Yangon’s growing city. Visitors can experience the exciting celebration with the locals who are eager to show the world their unique culture and traditions.

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