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Celebrated for a day in late April (After Thingyan Water Festival)


Myeik Archipelago


Celebrated to mark the time when the Salone people leave the sea to avoid the monsoon season. The festival marks the time when they farm the lands of the island.

Celebrated in late April at Myeik Archipelago, this festival marks the time when the Sea Gypsies (Salon people) leave the sea to avoid the monsoon season by seeking shelter on the islands of the archipelago. They build temporary homes around the islands. As the Sea Gypsies who are fishermen and divers spend most of their time in the sea, this festival is a rare period of time when they perform agriculture practices on land. The Sea Gypsies spend a few days inviting nearby villages to join them in their land ceremonies. Culture enthusiasts would love to see them conduct ancient rituals involving shamanism, animal sacrifices and dances to ward off evil.

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