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Kayah – the land of the Kayan people

Recently, I visited Kayah, a quaint state in the east of our country. I was mesmerised with the beauty of the place. Kayah is in the initial stages of being developed as a tourist destination. Hence, the untouched lands are a treat to the eye. After my trip, my thoughts have been dominated by Panpet...
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Travel and Tourism in Myanmar

For any country to prosper, it is essential that all aspects of the country work in tandem towards achieving a common goal. This includes the economy, society, business, politics and all the other sectors. When every citizen of the country works with a common goal in mind, only then can a country flourish. One of...
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For the love of our beautiful country

“Love is all you need” – said the chartbuster sung by the famous British band Beatles. So true! Love guides our life from birth to death. Everything becomes beautiful if there’s love. Love is defined in various ways; there are different kinds of love – love for our parents, brothers and sisters, falling in love...
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A Training Trip to Hainan Island in China

When our flight attendant at China Southern Airlines announced our arrival at the Hainan International Airport, my heart started beating faster. Not only me, but all my team members were also equally excited. Our entire team of 34 people were extremely happy to head to Hainan Island. We were heading to the island to attend...
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Cherry – the queen of flowers

Speaking of the Cherry flower reminds me of the singer-composer Win Oo who won the Academy Awards for “Mg Toh Cherry Myay,” a song from a film directed by U Tin Yu. It also reminds me of the stunning PyinOoLwin. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to see the beautiful Cherry flower and...
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