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Celebrated from 8 days in August from the 1st to 8th Wanning of Wagaung.


Amarapura, Mandalay Region


Spirit mediums dance and get possessed by Nat. Pilgrims offer food, drinks, flowers, and money to the Nat and Goddess of Popa.

This celebration lasts for eight days and is celebrated in Amarapura, Mandalay every August. This festival involves a huge gathering of spirit mediums who intend to honour Nat (spirits). Several rituals are conducted and the mediums are believed to be posessed by the Nats. This festival is also a tribute to the Goddess of Popa who is known better by the locals as the protector of women. Her shrine is situated on Popa Crest. Spirit mediums perform dances and songs accompanied by ritualistic music while attendees of the festival provide offerings to Nat and the Goddess in the forms of food, drinks, flowers, and money.

Other Festivals in August

Taung Pyone Spirit Festival

Date: August (8th Waxing to Full Moon Day of Wagaung)
Location: Taung Pyone Village, near Mandalay

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