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Celebrated 8 days from the 1st to 8th August (Waning of Wagaung)


Taung Pyone Village, near Mandalay


This festival also celebrates the worshipping of two spirit brothers. Spirits possess spirit mediums and would collect donations and offerings from locals.

It is said that the village is the execution site of two brothers who once served a Bagan King in the 11th century. The brothers then became powerful Nat spirits that are worshipped by the locals until this day. People offer food like grilled rabbit and fried chicken as well as alcohol to the spirit brothers in order to make them happy. In this festival, tens and thousands of mediums and worshippers come together to worship Nats (spirits). Spirit medium allow themselves to be possessed by the spirits by dancing and singing ritualistic songs. The medium also accept donations made by locals.

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Yadana Gu Spirit Festival

Date: August (1st to 8th Wanning of Wagaung)
Location: Amarapura, Mandalay Region

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