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1. The Ministry of Health and Sports has undertaken international monitoring, monitoring of the current epidemic of COVID-19 in the world. At the checkpoint Hospital-based Through public-based monitoring; We are working in partnership with private hospitals. 2. In doing so, on 14-3-2020, From 6:00 pm to 15-3-2020 pm There were eight new patients on the watch until 6:00 pm. (Table 1) 3. Of the eight patients monitored, the laboratory results of the two patients and three of the remaining four patients were recorded yesterday. A total of five laboratory results will be presented in Table 2. The other seven patients are scheduled to be sent for further testing and will receive a timely update if they receive any results. 4. According to tests at the National Institutes of Health (Yangon) on 15 th, 2020, The results of the five patients undergoing intensive care in the respective hospitals from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm showed that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was not detected. (Table 2) 5. Myanmar, Germany, Myanmar A 35-year-old woman who returned to Yangon International Airport and a 50-year-old male and a 64-year-old male from France. A total of three Myanmar nationals suffered from fever and other respiratory symptoms. Although they have no close contact with the COVID-19 diagnostic patient, they have been referred to a specialist hospital for high-risk countries, and have been referred to a specialist hospital for a 14-day quarantine and monitored by a Hospital Quarantine. 6 Five Burmese nationals from Vijay Hospital (Vijay) were hospitalized on 15-3-2020, and five Myanmar nationals in the laboratory were assessed for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) virus infection. 7 Today, the date is 15-3-2020. At 7:00 pm, seven patients underwent a surgical procedure in the respective hospital. 8 There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Myanmar as of 15-3-2020, but surveillance services are being accelerated. At present, the virus is spreading in the 136 countries, including the People’s Republic of China and some neighboring countries, and the public is urging people to follow the health information provided by the Ministry of Health and Sports. Source: MOHS
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