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Doing Business in Myanmar

How to apply for a MIC Permit

While most projects no longer require Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) approval, those meeting certain criteria will continue to need to do so.

Project proposals continuing to require a MIC permit include businesses which are: strategic to the Union, have large capital investments, have a large potential impact on the environment and local community, involve state-owned land, or are designated by the government as needing a permit.

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How to apply for an Endorsement

In addition to Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) Permits, the Union Government has introduced ‘Endorsements’ as a fast-track way to doing business in Myanmar. Investors can apply to the MIC or the State and Regional Investment Committee for an Endorsement of an investment proposal.

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Post-permit activities (only applicable for MIC Permit holders)

The following are post-permit activities, which are only applicable to companies holding a MIC Permit.

Business Operation
MIC Permit Amendments

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How to register your company

Company incorporation is carried out by DICA in accordance with the provisions of the Myanmar Companies Law (2017); and investment proposal applications come under the Myanmar Investment Commission (DICA is the secretariat of the MIC).  

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