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Enchanting Myanmar health and safety protocol website launches

THE Ministry of Hotels and Tourism held the “Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol” Website Launching Ceremony yesterday evening through video conferencing. At the ceremony, Union Minister Dr Htay Aung spoke about the immediate priorities of the Myanmar Tourism Strategic Recovery Roadmap (MTSRR) drawn up by the ministry to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that has adversely affected Myanmar’s tourism sector, including to build trust in Myanmar as a safe tourist destination and to improve health and safety measures. The “Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol” programme is aimed to provide tourism services with the COVID-19 Safe Service Certification System and to enhance the imEnchanting Myanmar health and safety protocol website launches age of Myanmar’s tourism industry through the safe tourism services. The Website has now been set up as a key component for the successful implementation of the three steps in the programme. The launching ceremony aimed to make it widely known and understood by all those involved in the tourism sector. The Union Minister urged all hotel and tourism service providers in various regions and states to ensure that all the staffs can participate in health and safety training conducted by the Ministry, and to help register on the website. The Director-General of the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism presented the report on the ministry’s implementation status and further activities of the “Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol” Programme in detail. The Managing Director of Secure Link Co., Ltd explained the Website and the participants asked questions. Afterwards, the Union Minister made concluding remarks and attended to the need.—MNA Source From: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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