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No Counter Address Location on Map
1 Naypyitaw Airport Naypyitaw Airport 067-550304 [View on Map]
2 Around Kachin Airport   074-2522622 [View on Map]
3 Loikaw In the Airport 083-2221078 [View on Map]
4 Myawaddy On the bridge and right hand side Myawady 058-51391 [View on Map]
5 Kawthaung Around Kawthaung Airport 059-51578 [View on Map]
Dawei Around Dawei Airport 059-521068 [View on Map]
6 Bago Down Town Bago  Counter 052-2201768 [View on Map]
7 Magway Magway Bus Station 063-2025057 [View on Map]
MyathalunMagway  Pagoda MyathalunMagway  Pagoda    [View on Map]
8 Mandalay Airport (Arrival/ Depature) Around TadarOo



[View on Map]
Bagan Information and Training Center Old Bagan [View on Map]
Mandalay Station Around Station   [View on Map]
Down Town Mandalay Counter 62/27 road   [View on Map]
Bagan Office Counter Bagan Office   [View on Map]
Bagan Airport NyaungOo Airport 061-65040 [View on Map]
Pyinoolwin No(120), Kyay Nan Road, Near Cherry Lwin Cinema 085-219357 [View on Map]
Magok Myo Ma Ward, Magok 086-20166 [View on Map]
9 KyeikHteeYoe New Entrance KyeikHteeYoe (Eastern of Kyeikhto Hotel) 057-24650 [View on Map]
Mawlamyine No(118), Lower Main Road, Phattan Ward 057-27056 [View on Map]
10 Sittwe Around Sittwe Airport 043-22048 [View on Map]
Thandwe Around Thandwe Airport 043-2065311 [View on Map]
11 Yangon Airport (Internation/Local)

Arrival Hall Terminal-1 For International

Local Hall Treminal-3 For Local



[View on Map]
Down Town Yangon Counter No(118), MaharbandoolaKyautTadar Township   [View on Map]
Yangon Station Around Station   [View on Map]
12 Taunggyi No(142), Bagyoke Road, Myoma Street, Taunggyi 081-2121115 [View on Map]
Heho Around Heho Airport 081-2124275 [View on Map]
Kalaw Word No(1), Beside State Road   [View on Map]
Kyaing Tone Around Airport 084-21617 [View on Map]
Tachileik No(1), Friendship Bridge 084-52197 [View on Map]
Hsipaw 4 Ward Area (6), Corner of Maing Pun and Gandamar Road, Hsipaw   [View on Map]
Phekon NyaungKone 4 Ward, Hnin Si Road, Phekon  Township 09-688121780 [View on Map]
NyaungShwe Win Ward, Kannar Road, NyaungShwe    [View on Map]
13 Pathein No(24), Park Street, No(4) Ward 042-21146 [View on Map]
Chuang Thar Into the Azura Hotel 042-42360  [View on Map]
NgweSaung Junction Hotel Zone Road, No (3) Ward, B.E.H.S, NgweSaung 042-21942 [View on Map]