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Celebrated for 8 days from the 8th Waxing to Full Moon Day of Tabaung


Laputta Township, Southwest Coast of Myanmar


The pagoda would emerge from the water especially for this festival. Tourists get to explore more about handicrafts and pay homage to the pagoda.

Located at the seaside at Laputta Township, Ayeyarwady Region, this festival is celebrated every March. The pagoda is usually submerged underwater but when it comes to the festival period, the pagoda would emerge and locals get to pay respects to the pagoda. There is only one seaside pagoda festival in Myanmar and this festival would attract thousands of visitors each year. This is because besides celebrating the festival, tourists can also enjoy the panoramic view of the beach. They can also learn more about the fishermen’s lives, handicraft business and even pay homage to the pagoda there.

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