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Celebrated for 2 days during the months of Ta bodwe and Taboung (school holidays, mostly in summer holidays in March and April before the water festival)


Throughout the country


Boys participate in a journey to learn the ways of Buddhism. Families are proud of their sons who are part of the greatest merit-making ritual.

Also known as the Shinbyu, the Novitiation Ceremony represents a coming of age for boys under 20 years old. Celebrated throughout the country in March, sons in each family would partake in a short journey guided by the monks to learn the ways of Buddhism. This religious training requires the boys to wear silk robes like the monks and to learn about Buddhism in monasteries. Considered the greatest merit-making ritual of Myanmar, families that have sent their sons to the monasteries would be very proud of their achievement. They would walk through the town before proceeding to monasteries for their lessons. Upon arriving at the monasteries, the boys would ask for acceptance and have their heads shaved. This ceremony usually begins during the summer holidays.

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Shwenattaung Pagoda Festival

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Panguni Uthiram Festival

Date: March or April (Full Moon Day of Tabaung or Tagu)
Location: Sri Angata EswariMunieswar Swamy Temple, Pelikha Village, Kyauk Tan Township, Yangon Region

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