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Celebrated for 8 days from the 8th Waxing to Full Moon Day of Tabaung


ShweTaung, Bago Region


Locals donate food and necessary items to monks in this festival. Tourists get to enjoy the carnival-like environment around the festival.

Held in Bago every March in ShweTaing, Bago, this festival involves pilgrims attending with bullock-carts to pay respects to the pagoda. This is one of Myanmar’s largest pagoda festival and thousands of visitors would flock the area every year. As a harvest and alms celebration, monks nearby would attend the ceremony to receive donations given by the locals in the form of food, daily necessities, small gifts, and uncooked rice. The surrounding of the festival would be filled with joyous celebration as people are bustling in and out of the carnival-like fair. Tourists and locals alike get to enjoy the variety of goods sold by merchants, like handicrafts, food, toys, and souvenirs. This festival is much anticipated by locals and tourists every year.

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