A List of Questions and Answers Asked Frequently

Can self-driving tour in Myanmar ?

You need to ask permission first. For further process, please kindly contact via this email director.information.moht@gmail.com. Thank you.

I would like to apply tour license

Mingalarbar!! Here is the information about applying for tour license in Myanmar>>https://tourism.gov.mm/tourism-legislation/

Are there some places that tourism is currently suspended to travel in Myanmar?

please see here>>>https://tourism.gov.mm/traveller-tips/

Hello, we plan to visit next month , and would like to know about entrance fees to zones and padogas : is there senior tickets availability as we are both 70+ ?

You can check here https://tourism.gov.mm/attractions-entry-fee/

Can you recommend some email addresses of travel companies with reliable reputation and excellent service?

sure! here is the link of tour companies from all the region of countries – https://tourism.gov.mm/tour-companies/

I wanted to know can i go to Pyin oo lwin by the road/by train ?

Yes, you can go there in both ways.

Can you say Hotel and Tourism Government offices addresses please ?


Tourism Law/ legislation

please , see here : https://tourism.gov.mm/tourism-legislation/

Tourism Statistics

Please see in this link>>>https://tourism.gov.mm/statistics/arrivals-2019-january/