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Celebrated for 2 days usually at 19thand 20thof February annually.


Every township  in  Chin State


Celebrated by  Chin people, a major race of Myanmar. Khuang Cawi activity in Hakha and Thantlang is also famous at Chin National Day among the locals.

February 20 is regarded by Chin people as Chin National Day. On February 20, 1948, more than 500 Chin representatives from across Chin State convened a Chin National Conference when the representatives voted to adopt modern democratic governing system over traditional feudal system. Later, the conference date that is February 20, came to be known as Chin National Day. The Chin National Day is celebrated in various countries where 53 ethnic groups of Chin people settled as one of the most important days for Chin people. Although it is not officially recognized as a national holiday in Myanmar this day, the celebration is often arranged through collaboration between both Chin State Government and local community leaders in Chin State.

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Kogyikyaw Spirit Festival

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Location: Pakhan, Yayzagyo Township

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Htamane Festival

Date: : February (Full Moon Day of Tabodwe)
Location: Throughout the country

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Maha Muni Pagoda Festival

Date: February (14th Waxing and Full Moon Day of Tabodwe)
Location: Mandalay

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