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Celebrated for a day in February on the full Moon Day of Tabodwe


Throughout the country


Locals would compete in a glutinous rice cooking competition. Tourists get to taste the glutinous rice and other local delicacies.

Also known as the Glutinous Rice Festival, Htamane is celebrated throughout the country in February. People of Myanmar celebrate the Htamane Festival by cooking glutinous rice together. They gather and participate in a competition where they have to make the best glutinous rice. They offer the glutinous rice to the Great Lord Buddha at the dawn of the Full Moon Day. The glutinous rice is then given out to people who attended the celebration. There is also a prize-giving ceremony to the winners who could cook the best glutinous rice for the festival. It allows tourists to enjoy the demonstrations and cooking competitions involving the locals. Locals and tourists can sit together and enjoy the glutinous rice as well as exchanging small talks to understand each other’s culture better.

Other Festivals in February

Kogyikyaw Spirit Festival

Date: February (3rd Waxing to 10th Waxing of Tabaung)
Location: Pakhan, Yayzagyo Township

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Maha Muni Pagoda Festival

Date: February (14th Waxing and Full Moon Day of Tabodwe)
Location: Mandalay

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Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival

Date: February (8th Waxing to Full Moon Day of Tabodwe)
Location: Thanlyin (near Yangon)

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