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Celebrated for 2 days on the 14th Waxing and Full Moon Day of Tabodwe




Held at the prestigious Maha Muni Pagoda at Mandalay. Locals make sticky rice over bonfires for the monks.

During this festival, people crowd the area around Maha Muni pagoda to pay respects to the Mahan Muni Buddha image. It is rumored that the majestic Mahan Muni Buddha image was made in front of the Lord Buddha himself, making it a highly cherished religious landmark for the locals. Covered with gold as thick as 15 centimetres, this pagoda is one of the most famous pagoda in the country. Held in Mandalay in February, devotees at the Mahan Muni Pagoda Festival would cook glutinous rice over bonfires that are offered to the monks at that area. On Full Moon Day, incense sticks are also burnt as part of the offerings of the Buddha image. The compounds of the pagoda explode with energy as thousands of locals and tourists flock the area. Tourists can join the locals in this celebration and get a glimpse of the image.

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