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Celebrated for 11 days beginning on 5th Waxing of Tabodwe


ShweSettaw, Magwe Region , Central Myanmar


A highly respected festival of Myanmar. Locals and monks gather to recite prayers to honour the pagoda.

This festival is highly respected and cherished by people of Myanmar, especially those from Upper Myanmar. Devotees and locals gather around the pagoda to pay their respects. This area in Magway is usually busiest between February to April as hundreds of locals, as well as tourists attend the festival. Local goods and food can also be found there. In this holy festival, pilgrims participate in merit-making activities and worship the Buddha placed in shrines. It is said that the Lord Buddha has left golden footprints on this part of Myanmar and they are encased by the shrine. Monks lead the prayers for the devotees and they pray together during this festival.

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