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Celebrated for 15 days during the full Moon of Pyatho to 15th Waning of Pyatho


Bagan, Mandalay Region


Celebrated following historic customs. Ideal time to enjoy traditional Myanmarese cultures and traditions.

This festival celebrates the great Ananda Pagoda and the tradition that have been practised since the beginning of Bagan period. The locals have maintained the custom of attending the festival in the traditional way. They arrive in big bullock-carts and camp together with other locals during the entire duration of the festival. Besides being a religious festival, this celebration also serves as a social gathering that reunites old friends and distant relatives as they meet to attend the festival together. Held for 15 days, the festival is the busiest on the full-moon day of the lunar month.Tourists get to watch the villagers and Buddhist devotees gather in the sacred Ananda Temple of Bagan to pay their respects. Tourists can enjoy local food delicacies sold by vendors during the festival and get a genuine feel of the country’s joyous mood.

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