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January 14-16 every year for 3 days


Held on rotation basis between Leshi, Lahe and Nanyun of Sagaing Region


More than 49 tribes gather in colourful clothing to sing and dance. Ideal to experience the authentic traditions of the Naga people of Myanmar

This festival is one of the rarest celebrations in Myanmar. Held between January 14 to 16, the festival venue rotates from one Naga town to the other (Leshi, Lahe and Nanyun, Sagaing Region). More than 49 different clans dressed in their distinctive traditional clothes gather to welcome the New Year. The locals exchange kind wishes with families and friends, sing and dance to folk songs for two days. Tourists get to witness these tribes who communicate in different dialects. They get the opportunity to join the locals in celebrating this thrilling festival.

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