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Celebrated for 48 days after the Full Moon Day of Waso


Maha Muni Pagoda Compound, Mandalay


This Cane Ball Festival is held at Maha Muni Pagoda Compound, Mandalay every July. Players all over Myanmar gather to compete in this game. The game involves players showing impressive acrobatic moves to keep the ball from falling.

This is the largest traditional sporting event in Myanmar. Celebrated each July at the Maha Muni Pagoda Compound, Mandalay, locals meet up and compete in this non-contact sport. The game consists of six team members. Each player passes the Chinlone (cane ball) without letting it touch the ground. Through this game, players wshowcase impressive acrobatic moves that include backflips, spinning kicks and handstands in the efforts to keep the ball from falling. Players are highly competitive as they strive to be the team that displays the best et of acrobatic skills.