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Celebrated for 15 days from the 8th Waxing of Nayon.


Pakokku, Central Myanmar


A carnival-like fair and prayer rituals can be seen during this festival. Locals and tourists can contribute donations to the monks and the temple.

During this festival, the humble and quiet Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda is transformed into an exciting and cheerful place. The festival consists of prayer rituals and a carnival-like fair. A variety of goods and harvest produce are sold in the stalls by farmers who bring in carts pulled by bulls. The festival involves the collection of alms from the locals who wish to contribute donations to the monks and the temple. The donations can be in the forms of food, basic necessities and even rice. Tourists can experience the authentic lifestyle of locals who spend their day in the market bargaining and purchasing from vendors. Tourists will be able to witness the meaningful harmony shared between the monks who have provided ritual services and the locals who are happy to provide aid to them.