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Celebrated around mid July on the full Moon Day of Waso


Throughout the country


The holy festival is celebrated across Myanmar in July. Monks would carry out a monastery retreat to teach sermons and meditate. Devotees would donate robes and other necessities to the monks.

Celebrated in July throughout the country, this sacred festival is highly respected by the locals. The festival is celebrated to honour the three turning points of Siddhartha Gautama’s life to become Lord Budha. First was his conception, the second was when he left the luxurious life of a prince to become a wanderer, and last, his first sermon to his pupils. During this festival, monks embark on a three-month-long monastic retreat where they are not allowed to leave for places that take them more than a day to travel. The custom is said to be formed by the Lord himself. During the festival, Buddhist followers donate robes and other items to the monks in the monasteries as a part of the merit-making ritual. Monks and nuns spend the entire rainy season meditating and teaching sermons.