CBT sites in Kayah State

         Community based tourism in Kayah State has been implemented since August 2014 under the NTF(III) project of the International Trade Center (ITC). From December 2017 to June 2021, CBT sites have been implemented under the NTF(IV) project. There are four CBT villages in Kayah State, Pan Pet village, Hta Nee La Leh village, Htay Kho village and Daw Ta Ma Gyi village. Among them, Pan Pet village and Hta Nee La Leh village are the most famous and supporting a lot of income.

Pan Pet Village

         Pan Pet Village is located in Demoso Township. It is home to Kayan tribe and is a community-based tourism village. A lot of domestic and international travelers visit to this village. In this village, travelers can observe their long neck traditions, the traditional way of making Kayah dress, handicraft making such as bracelets and their traditional religion, culture and terrace farmming. Moreover, one can experience lunch in Kayan local style, millet wine and can learn Kayan traditional musical instruments. There are hiking trails near the village and these famous activities are attracting to visitors.

Hta Nee La Leh village

Hta Nee La Leh village and seven lakes are located in Demoso Township. It is home to Kayah tribe and in this village, visitors can enjoy fun Ox Cart ride, can test their skills with Kayah traditional catapult, can taste Kayah traditional barbecue. One can also visit Kayhtoebo site, Lotus Pond and Kayah locals’ traditional homes.

Htay Kho Village

         Htay Kho village is located in Pharuso Towinship. Inside the village, visitors can experience a living, colorful culture, fascinating Kayaw traditions, vibrant textiles and jewellery. And near the village, the environment is very nice, fresh and green.

Daw Ta Ma Gyi Village

         Daw Ta Ma Gyi Village is located in Demoso Township and it is home to Kayah tribe. In this village, visitors can explore thatched Kayah homes, local spiritualist’s home, and outside the village, can also visit to the traditional rice barns. Visitors can observe preserving traditional Kayah costume and culture.

Pan Pet , Demoso , Kayah State

In Pem Song hamlet, guests can enjoy the ‘Nature Trail’, an easy forest walk, with a beautiful viewpoint, stunning views of the surrounding mountains, rice fields, and 5 hamlets of  PanPet. Along the way, your village guide will stop to share fascinating stories about local life and beliefs. These include a monument which honors the village clan, an animist bird totem, and a guardian spirit cave. The Nature Trail takes 2 hours including the en-route storytelling.A tasty ‘Jungle Picnic’ is available. Guests can either enjoy a  scenic picnic lunch on the hilltop, or eat lunch at a local home in nearby Salong Kana.On the ‘Artisans’ Trail’ in Salong Kana hamlet, guests visit local craftsmen and women making traditional Kayan arts, jewelry and textiles at home. You can spend time with these artisans, and  try  your hand at making   Kayan   bracelets,  weaving traditional textiles,  carving wooden statues, weaving bamboo, or other handiwork. Guests can taste traditional Kayan rice wine on request. In Rang Ku and Doh Khee hamlets, you can meet local musicians, and visit small craft shops run by the fun-loving ‘Long-necked’  Kayan people.

Hta Nee La Leh Village, Loikaw , Kayah State
These community based, cultural tour programs offer fascinating, fun insights into local life and culture in Hta Nee La Leh, Kayah community. Activities were developed based on special elements of local life, culture and nature, which community members feel proud and comfortable to share with guests. All programs begin with a quick welcome at the Hta Nee La Leh community centre. Guests are met by members of Hta Nee La Leh’s community tourism club. They are given a friendly introduction to the community, and important cultural do and don’ts. All programs include a visit to Hta Nee La Leh ‘Kayhtoebo’ hall and shrines, where animist traditions are practised. Community members consider these sites to be the heart of life in Hta Nee La Leh and a ‘must-see’ for visitors. Guests learn why the sites are important for local people, and about festivals and events, which are held here during the year. Guests also learn about the tradition of ritual hunting. They visit the local hunting shrine, and can try their hand using a catapult! Besides, guests visit the Lotus Pond. This is a sacred and scenic site. Here, visitors listen to the local legend of Tsudanu, a prince and princess who finally ascend to heaven as mythical Kinaree birds… And enjoy a fun Ox Cart ride, via the Lotus Pond to the scenic 7 Lakes. Relax by the lake and enjoy the forested, mountain scenery. Guests enjoy a delicious Kayah Barbecue with cultural exchange. You visit a local musician’s house, listen to traditional Instruments and try your hand playing them. Then, you visit another house to learn about traditional Kayah dress.

Htay Kho Village, Pruso, Kayah State
Inside Htay Kho village, visitors can experience a living, colourful culture. Local tour guides are proud and enthusiastic to introduce visitors to their fascinating Kayaw traditions, vibrant textiles and jewellery. Local ladies are skilled weavers, who make stunning, colourful costumes. You can observe weaving and try on a Kayaw shirt and jewellery. Visitors who would like to spend more time in Htay Kho can also enjoy a hands-on, crafts workshop. Local artisans will teach you how to make a special, intricately woven Kayaw braid. These gifts are traditionally given to a sweetheart as a sing of love and affection. You can also try on the colourful, handmade, Kayaw costume. You will visit a small, cottage museum. This was established spontaneously by the people of Htay Kho to preserve and showcase traditional musical instruments, hunting equipment and household objects. You can also learn about unique customs, such as the culture of carving wooden coffins for ones’ relatives. Visitors to Htay Kho can choose to stay and explore the village or enjoy a challenging, 6- hour mountain trek... Just outside Htay Kho village is the sacred mountain, Khawthamaw. Local community guides lead you to the top of the mountain. An early start is best; trekking uphill for 4 hours through the rich forest with marvellous views, And returning in approximately 2 hours (total of 6 hours). On the way, your local guides will explain about traditional hunting rites and the spiritual significance of the mountain. A highlight of the trek is enjoying a traditional, Kayaw shared picnic at the summit. This is a highly sacred site.

Daw Ta Ma Gyi village, De Maw Soe, Kayah State
Life in Daw Ta Ma Gyi moves at a very relaxed place, ideal for taking time to understand the local culture and way of life. In Daw Ta Ma Gyi, visitors can explore the village, stopping along the way to meet local artisans and musicians, who are preserving traditional Kayah arts, dress, crafts and culture. You can visit traditional, thatched Kayah homes. Taste millet wine, learn about Kayah dress and try playing the traditional bamboo guitar. Unique practices can be witnessed in Daw Ta Ma Gyi. For example, you can visit the Pokhee or ‘Women’s Shrine’ and learn about annual ceremonies which take place here to celebrate the role of women in the community. Another interesting highlight is the ‘rice barn village’ located just outside the village living area. Here, the villagers’ rice is kept safe from fire and other dangers, with the protection of guardian spirits. Visitors can visit the ‘Kayhtoboe ’ hall and shrines, where Animist traditions are practised. Highlights are hugetotem poles, which tower into the sky. Guests learn why these sites are so important for Kayah people, and about festivals and events, which are held here during the year.

Destinations around Pan Pet CBT village

Loi Nan Hpa Mountain

Loi Nan Hpa Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Kayah State. It is over 5000 feet above sea level and there have a lot of distinct characteristics. At the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views, a pagoda and a crucifix, both standing 45 feet high, which represent unity and mutual respect. Moreover, visitors can see and learn about local flowers and birds.

Ngwe Taung Dam

People know Kayah State together with the words “Ngwe-Taung State, Ngwe-Taung Dam”. Ngwe Taung Dam is located in Demoso Township and 9 miles far from Loikaw. It is a beautiful spot to take pictures, against the background of the blue sky and spectacular mountains. It is beautiful and pleasant to take relax.

Destinations around Hta Nee La Leh CBT village

Htee Pwint Kan

It is situated in Demoso township and about 12 miles drive from Loikaw. It is famous for its mysterious existence. One fascinating fact is that the muddy soil inside the lake comes up above in the shape of an umbrella and it is called as “Little Mud-Volcano”. Visitors can see these beautiful umbrellas on full moon days and eclipse. There is Kayah traditional shrine near the lake. Moreover, visitors can go Hta Nee La Leh CBT village which is located near the lake.

Seven Lakes

Seven lakes, a trademark of Kayah State, is located in Demoso township, only 14 miles far from Loikaw. It is a legendary place where seven Kenneri sisters played water together. Visitors can see beautiful mountain sceneries and take a relax beside the lake. Moreover, visitors can observe Kayah traditions in Hta Nee Lah Lae village and can taste their traditional foods. It is an attractive destination for both local people and tourist. 

Destinations around Htay Kho CBT village

White Elephant Mountain

White Elephant Mountain is located near Maw Thi Do village in Pha Ru So Township and 40 miles far from Loikaw. It is the best place to feel the nature surrounding by beautiful mountains. Moreover, visitors can explore trekking and adventure trips.

Htee Paru Nue Cave

Htee Paru Nue Cave is located near Maw Thi Do village in Pha Ru So Township and 24 miles away from Loikaw. This is a natural limestone cave and is also the underground river cave. There is a natural waterfall in front of the cave and is the best spot for adventure travel lovers.

Routes that visitors can go to CBT sites

Pan Pet Village

Pan Pet village is located in Demoso township. It is 26 miles far from Loikaw and takes about one hour drive. It is only 15 miles from Demoso township to Pan Pet village and 35 minutes by car.

Hta-Nee-La-Leh Village

Hta-Nee-La-Leh village is situated in Demoso township. It is 13 miles far from Loikaw and only takes 30 minutes by car. It takes only 5 minutes to drive from Demoso township because it is 2 miles far from Demoso.

Htay-Kho Village

Htay-Kho village is situated in Hpruso township and 42 miles far from Loikaw. It takes about 3 hours drive by car. It is 22 miles far from Hpruso township so it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Daw-Ta-Ma-Gyi Village

Daw-Ta-Ma-Gyi village is located in Demoso township. It is 39 miles far from Loikaw so it takes more than one hour and 45 minutes by car. It is 27 miles far from Demoso township and takes 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive by car.

Loikaw CBT Site 
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