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Loknu Culture and Rhododendron Festival

“Loknu Culture and Rhododendron Festival” will be celebrated on 25th and 26th of January 2020 at Kanpetlet township, Chin State with the aim of promoting Chin tourism industry, conserving the environment of Mount Khaw Nu M’cung (Mount Victoria), and revealing the culture of Loknu land. The festival will involve the unique exhibitions displaying their diverse traditions of Mün, Ng’gua, Uppu, Daa Yindu and Dai tribes, Mount Khaw Nu M’cung (Mount Victoria) and Rhododendron preserved and educated booth. The traditional “Lone Yu” fest, native avocado recipes stall, souvenir stand, and music and cultural show in addition to various kind of competitions including poetry, article and essay writing, and hiking race to the peak of Mount Khaw Nu M’cung (Mount Victoria) will also be included in the festival. We warmly welcome to join us who appreciate our distinctive culture, rare flora and fauna, mouth-watering traditional meals and spectacular scenery.
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