Background of the CBT Site

 The new form of tourism product had emerged after taking over by the new administration in 2016, which is Community Based Tourism. The promoter couple of this proposal had started their career in hotel life by working at the Golden Island Cottages since 1997/1998. They had a chance not only to learn different services, quality services and their standard but also how this industry could benefit the local community. While working at the hotel, they had learned from then the head of the administration firm who is now the current Union Minister that made them dreamed of doing similar things when the opportunity arises. When the Government had started being supportive in CBT, the promoter couple had consulted, discussed with the community leader and especially with the chief monk of the Orphanage to establish a quality CBT center at Lwe Nwe Pha Ya Taung village, the result of the discussion had been reaped. The CBT site is located on the 1.6 acre of rice field, holding plot number (40), field number 1723/lwe New, at Ye Pu Village track, Nyaung Shwe Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State.

Objectives of the CBT site are as below;

-      To emerge a good quality CBT site at Lwe Nwe village, Ye Pu village track

-      To promote the striking natural beauty and attractive traditions of Ethnic groups lived around Lwe Nwe Pha Ya Taung area

-      Not only to promote the will of learning languages but also to create some job opportunities to the young people who are living at Pha Ya Taung Orphanage

-      To promote the exposure and raise the living standards of local people by involving in working at the CBT site

-      Not only to have earned a decent profit from the business but also to generate tax to the State

-      To provide some financial support to the local community as agreed from the business

Lwe New Pha Ya Taung CBT Site offers below activities to the clients-

-        Study the life of fisher men and watch closely how they earn their living

-        Cycling

-        Trekking

-        Visiting Pha Ya Taung Orphanage and learn how the youth of the region are trained for either formal education as well as the vocational skills

-        Exploring the surrounding area and learn the ways of life of the local residents.


Destinations around Lwe Nwe CBT village

Below areas are possible to visit from Lwe New Pha Ya Taung CBT Site

-        Visiting Samka village

-        Visiting Tharkaung ancient pagoda

-        Visiting traditional rice cracker making village

-        Visiting Li-su village

-        Visiting Pinlaung

Routes that visitors can go to CBT sites

Lwe New Pha Ya Taung CBT Site can be reached by following routes;

  1. by road from Heho directly after flying from Yangon to Heho
  2. by road from Loikaw directly after fliying from Yangon to Loikaw
  3. By boat from Nyaung Shwe
  4. By boat from Pekhon

Lwe New Pha Ya Taung CBT Site is located at a good place and easily assessable either from Nyaung Shwe or Pekhon by boat or from Nyaung Shwe or Loi Kaw by road throughout the year.

Loikaw CBT Site 
Address: Lwe Nwe village, Shan State.
Call; +95 (0) 5210857



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