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Celebrated for a day on the full Moon Day of Kason


Pagodas throughout the country


Pilgrims gather at monasteries throughout Myanmar for this festival in May. Monks and locals water sacred Bodhi plants found in religious sites.

During the summer month of May, pilgrims gather at pagodas and temples throughout the country to water the sacred Bodhi Trees. It is said that Lord Buddha gained enlightenment when he was resting under a Bodhi tree. When the religion spread across the world, Bodhi trees were planted in monasteries all over the world by obtaining saplings from the original Bodhi tree. Each tree is considered highly sacred and precious. During the festival, monks and devotees water the roots of these living holy relics as part of a merit-making ritual. They make rounds around religious sites to water the trees as a part of the ancient ritual that has been practised since Gautama Buddha’s time.