Celebrated for a day on the full Moon Day of Kason


Pagodas throughout the country


Pilgrims gather at monasteries throughout Myanmar for this festival in May. Monks and locals water sacred Bodhi plants found in religious sites.

Celebrated by Yangon’s Hindu community, this festival is considered a major festival for Hindus in Myanmar. Held in March at the Sri Angala Enswari Munieswar Swamy Temple, tourists can witness the highlight of the festival – the intriguing fire-walking ceremony that involves devotees walking on hot coal. Attendees would then soak their feet in goat’s milk and rub turmeric on their feet. It is believed that walking on hot coal represents self-sacrifice that would ward off evil and that after the walk, the attendee would receive good fortune. This festival is one of the few traditional celebrations in the developing city of Yangon, which makes it even more unique as it instills ancient traditions into the urban lifestyle of people living in the city. This serves as an eye-opening experience to tourists who wish to experience the richness in culture and traditions Myanmar has to offer.

Other Festivals in May

Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival

Date: May (8th Waxing of Nayon)
Location: Pakokku, Magway Region

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