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Heedless Doesn’t See the Big Cave

In Myanmar, there is a proverb “Heedless Doesn’t See the Big Cave “. It has been existing until now. Actually, it is difficult to obey this proverb. The persons who obey this proverb can success in their life. Although we have such caves, knowledge, technique, experience, we have unawareness. Therefore, success is far away, even...
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Hoping to have fragrance of flower

After coming back from Kayah trip, my thoughts have been dominated by Panpet and Htaneelalehl villages. Kayan people with brass coils who can only be found in Myanmar are living in those villages. Their living standard is poor as they live in the remote places of the world. They are not interested in the updated...
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Marble Eyes and Yellow Thoughts

As time goes by, new things will become old and everything cannot be permanent according to the nature law. To show the business that supports the national economy in visualizing and coordinating of arts and deep social skills, I will point out tourism. Today, tourism stands tall as a business that can generate foreign income...
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By means of love

From someone’s birth to death, love is dwell powerfully. Everything is beautiful and calm by our love;everything is ugly and blatant without love. As well as love is defined in various ways, there are many different kinds of love. Love is a feeling that emerged from our heart softly. There are various kinds of love;...
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Come Rest at Golden Tree

“ Mingalabar! Our China Southern Air Lines CZ 8472 Airbus 320 flight will land at Haikou City, International Airline, Hainan Island. Please make sure your seatbelts and straight forward your seats. The weather of Haikou is 29 C , 84 F ”. Sweet declaration of flight attendant from China Southern Air Lines make me stopped...
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Queen of Cherry Flower and Beauty of Nay Pyi Taw

When we say Cherry, it will remind us of Win Oo,a composer, a singer, an actor who has got Academy award in the “Mg TohCherryMyay”, one of the films directed by U Tin Yu(1920-2013)   as well as stunning PyinOoLwin and Cherry became more famous because of beauty of Cherry in harmony with the song, vocalist’s...
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