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Download these brochures and pamphlets that will surely come in handy especially when you visit Myanmar’s famous landmarks. Each of them is packed with informative summaries and highlights of various areas of Myanmar to help you get the best experience of the places you visit.

This brochure consists of ways to get to Yangon as well as highlights of Yangon’s tourist destinations like ancient pagodas and interesting museums.

Learn how to get to tourist destinations in Mandalay and find out the zone fees and various arts and crafts workshops available in Mandalay in this brochure.

Let this pamphlet guide you to discover activities and exciting destinations surrounding the famous lake and learn more about trekking the hills before you visit Inlay.

Snorkeling Trip – Put on life jackets on boat. Smoking is prohibited on boat. Snorkeling is prohibited for passengers who have heart attack or disease, asthma, hypertension, epilepsy and epileptic seizures.

Using this brochure, plan a trip to Myanmar to witness for yourself some of the world’s most impressive caves decorated with carvings and limestone formed millions of years ago.

This brochure introduces you to the marvelous pagodas and caves of Mon and Kayin states. Discover useful information about the attractions and ways to get to the places here.

This pamphlet is a useful resource about activities, transportation and highlights of things to do in Bagan including interesting destinations in the vicinity of Bagan.

Learn how to get to Nay Pyi Taw from the international airport and explore other fascinating places of interest in the capital of Myanmar, including the biggest stadium in the country.

Discover the enchanting destination of Magway, nestled in the heart of Myanmar. This captivating city offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. From its stunning landscapes and ancient temples to its community base sites and friendly locals, Magway promises an unforgettable experience.

Unearth the wonders of ancient Pyu Cities (Halin, Beikthano, Sri Ksetra) consisting of huge stupas, religious landmarks with magnificent architecture, and ancient religious and historical artifacts in this pamphlet.

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is initiated by the government to achieve sustainable tourism development. Read the brochure for in-depth details about the current CBT sites in Myanmar including the types of activities available in each village.

Take in the beautiful infrastructure of Myanmar’s Parliament building, find out details about the interior of the complex, and learn about requirements needed before visiting the Parliament Compound in this pamphlet.

Read this pamphlet to know more about getting to Chin State, suggestions of places to stay, tourist destinations in the state and even an introduction to the Chin Tribe.

Kayah is a small state with so much to offer. Find out about Kayah’s places of interset, people, traditions, villages, handicrafts, and through this pamphlet.

Let’s visit the capital of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw without worrying about crowds and go interesting places starting with museums, gardens and markets.

The brochure is Bagan, a city full of Myanmar culture and beauty, where you can see many ancient Bagan pagodas, taste delicious foods and visit many handicrafts in the markets of Bagan.

The pamphlet consists of ways to visit Inle Lake which a beautiful sight, pagodas and the surrounding locals make their creating handicrafts.

Learn how to get to tourist destinations in Yangon, filled with rich colonial history and culture. You can see about famous pagodas, beautiful sights, food haven, local paintings and handicrafts at the night markets.

Let this pamphlet guide you to discover activities which hiking, biking and trekking through the hilly regions and local villages. Kalaw offers nature based activity, you can take your time to relax with a chilly breeze and also see famous pagodas and local products.

Let’s go to the scenic Ngapali beach which activities are spot for diving, snorkeling and fishing. You can see sunset and local street food. Feel a secluded sense of peace as you walk past white sandy beaches.

To know more about getting to Indawgyi Lake, the largest in land lake of Southeast Asia. You can see a beautiful pagoda located on the water, local products, activities for kayaking, trekking and bird watching at lake. You can also taste delicious foods around the Indawgyi lake serve almost everything.

You can see about Putao, is a small Himalayan town nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. For anybody working to have a trekking expedition to the highest peaks in Southeast Asia, Putao is the best option in Myanmar. You can see the sight of Myanmar’s highest peak, traditional villages, Kachin people cultures and the rare black orchid.

This brochure introduces you the highest mountain in Chin State, Nat Ma Taung has many endemic species of birds and offers awe-inspiring views of the entire state. You can see ladies with tattooed faces within Chin ethnic groups and traditional dress, foods and handicrafts in their traditional markets.


Visiting Myanmar? Read this book about Mingalba, as we lovingly call our country. This will be your first step to learning more about Myanmar’s diverse natural, cultural and historic travel destinations.

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Plan a trip to Yangon with this booklet as your guide and explore the market, villages, heritage buildings and national park of Yangon as well as exciting festivals and contests.

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Unearth the history of Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city that is rich in cultural heritage and find out where and how to visit various skill workshops and weaving mills with this booklet.

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Explore the ancient city of Bagan in Mandalay Region and plan a visit to the city’s religious sites based on the impressive list of pagodas and temples in this booklet.

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Explore the ancient city of Bagan in Mandalay Region and plan a visit to the city’s religious sites based on the impressive list of pagodas and temples in this booklet.

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This booklet will help visitors to discover islands and beaches in the Myeik Archipelago, admire the magnificent colonial architecture of Dawei’s old historical buildings and visit Salone villages and pagodas in Kawthaung.

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Mon & Kayin

Read about the breathtaking environment and the tempting beaches and islands of Mon State and plan a trip to Kayin State’s famous waterfall, caves and mountain, that should not be missed.

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Nay Pyi Taw

Discover the wonderful capital city of Myanmar with this booklet. Find out more about Nay Pyi Taw’s abundant tourist destinations like the city hall, museums, garden, stadium, and pagodas here.

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Magway is the capital city of Magway Region of Myanmar, and situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. The Myathalun pagoda, the beauty of Magway, located at the north of city, is the landmark of Magway. Magway Region is famous for the cultivation of sesame and many kinds of nuts.

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Have a look into the vast variety of destinations, activities and experiences this small state has to offer such as visiting unique villages, exploring huge and mysterious caves, weaving, and natural fabric dyeing.

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Located in the Western part of Myanmar, Chin State has a surface area of 13,907 square kilometers with 80% of its population living in rural areas.

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Sagaing is the former capital of the Sagaing Region of Myanmar. It is located in the Irrawaddy River, 20 km to the south-west of Mandalay on the opposite bank of the river. Sagaing with numerous Buddhist monasteries is an important religious and monastic centre. 

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