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By means of love

From someone’s birth to death, love is dwell powerfully. Everything is beautiful and calm by our love;everything is ugly and blatant without love.

As well as love is defined in various ways, there are many different kinds of love. Love is a feeling that emerged from our heart softly. There are various kinds of love; love upon our parents, brothers and sisters, falling love upon someone, love upon  pets and accessories, upon our masterpieces, our region, our country. We all have the same benevolence to do better by our love.

Among these love, the most cohesive figureheadis the mind upon our national sport tournaments that we encouraged. When we race with foreign countries, we all want to overmaster and overpower.

As we love our parents, we want our parents to live healthy and wealthy. As we love our children, we want them to bright, great, success and become better. We all want our country to win when we compete with other countries; it is because of our love upon our country.

I want to analyze that we really love our family, quarter, region and our country? If we really love, look for better situation, take care, sacrifice, amend, it will certainly develop from families to our country. If we are completed fate, intellect and guts, we can get our goals in a short time.

Although we have intellect and guts, wecannot success as we hoped without fate. In the same way, if we have fate and guts without intellect, fate and intellect without guts, it can take a long time to succeed.

As our past merits, we have many natural resources in our country. Although we have those luckies (or) natural resources, other countries are developed and succeeded. It is because the usage of fate, intellect and guts.

We really love our country? What is our fault? What we need? How we reform? How we go ahead? , etc. we need to analyze.It’s not too late to adjust.

In Myanmar Tourism Industry, there are many beauties from northern snow-capped mountains to southern beautiful beaches; Highest snow – capped mountains, waterfalls and streams, beautiful lakes, Rivers, chalky caves, cultural heritages, plants species ,animals species, aquatic animals, coral-reefs, islands, ethnic’s traditions and culture. They all are the gift of nature. But our lack of intellect and guts, our Tourism Industry has low face in competing to other countries.

As present in above, what are wrongs? Do hotels and airways have suitable prices? Do we give deserved services? Are the tour price and service befitted? Do we have responsible for tourists? It is certainly that we need to reform our tasks.

It is very disconsolate that the tourists changed their plans to visit to other countries in spite of our country. It is because the expensive prices of transportationcosts, hotels service fees.

The price of 4 nights – 5 days trip to our country is equal to the price of 8 nights – 9 days trip in other countries. Because of the expensive prices, the trips to our country are moved to Vietnam and Cambodia. In our country, the travel costs are more expensive than other countries. Nowadays, foreigner changed their trips to other country; local people go abroad in spite of visiting local trips, so the GDP become decrease.

As the system of Market Economic, it is impossible to control the price because of the market rivals. If all the merchants have egos and altruism equally, it will become cooperation. When world oil price increases, local prices also increase. As the oil price is increase, the transportation costs also increase. As the transportation costs increase, the goods become expensive. Although the world oil price decreases, the prices of oil, transportation costs, and goods in our country do not decrease. The prices stay in highest level and it become people more difficult.

We liaise to control about the price increasing. The weakness cooperation of private sector, it didn’t succeed as we hoped. Not only in Tourism Industry but also in every sector, it can be succeeded only by the cooperation of government and private sectors. So the chief always say the word “All inclusive” to all to perform and cooperate.

Hotel service fees increased double during MaharThingyan Water Festival. 250 $ cost rooms became 500 $. Although we all wish to come more tourists, it is impossible for tourist to visit again because of those prices.

How we define Quality Tourist? Can we call wealthy tourist as Quality Tourist? If rich tourists destroy our cultural heritage and tradition, we really want those tourists? I want to define travel Ethical tourist as a Quality Tourist. If tourists were Quality Tourist, it is certainly that our Tourism Industry will improve.

In 2016, the list of tourists in ASEAN are as follow; 32.59 million in Thailand, 26.76 million in Malaysia, 16.40 million in Singapore, 21.02 million in Indonesia, 10.01 million in Vietnam, 5.97 in Philippines, 5.01 in Cambodia, 4.23 in Laos,2.9 in Myanmar and 0.22 in Brunei.

It is very disconsolate that other countries perform Tourism Industry than our country.

Recently, Ms. Yoshiko from Japan (83 years old) met people who saved her life when she served (3) years in Japanese hospital in Kalaw, Shan State, Myanmar and run away to Thailand on foot when their war was lost.

She ordered to her son to bury her ashes in front of Japanese hospital (American Church) when she die. When she died 86 years old in Japan, her son Mr. Kazuhiko came to Kalaw and buried her ashes as she ordered. Although a Japanese woman serve for her nation, she lived 3 years in 2nd World War, her ashes was buried in Myanmar. It is because she love Myanmar, she remember Myanmar. There is a little different between her and those people in Myanmar,who live in country, drink its water, use its resource.

As the past merits, Tourism Tree gives cold shade to all concerns of Tourism. If we destroy it for our benefit, I want to warn, it is disadvantage for us and the tourism tree and posterities. So, it is responsible for all to preserve the Tourism Tree.

Although we want to help the development of country by Tourism Industry, we all should be known about we really love our country, by mean of love, we need to know clearly the definition of love. When we look for the key of backwarding, it is because lacking of honesty.

If we really love our country, we need to reform our mind and concept. If we really love our country……


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