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Heedless Doesn’t See the Big Cave

In Myanmar, there is a proverb “Heedless Doesn’t See the Big Cave “. It has been existing until now. Actually, it is difficult to obey this proverb. The persons who obey this proverb can success in their life.

Although we have such caves, knowledge, technique, experience, we have unawareness. Therefore, success is far away, even though we have own creation, innovative and logical thinking. These are our inborn gifts. We should combine these knowledge with our skills and experience. The right thing is that we are not enough in aware of it.

There are so many natural gifts for us. But we have not awareness of this value of natural gifts. Useless for some people not knowing the values of natural gifts. Only people who know this value is success. We should intend the long term plan not short term plan. So we must relay these gifts to our new generation.

The natural beauty of Myanmar is also gifts of God. We must maintain this natural beauty of Myanmar. Our Myanmar people should know the value of natural beauty of Myanmar. But most of our people not know this value. There are four ‘A’ in Tourism field. They are Attraction, Accessibility, Accommodation and Amenity. These are fundamental of tourism and they area interrelation between them. Among them Attraction is main point.

In Myanmar, there are so many tourist attraction places. If there is no attraction, no more tourists come to Myanmar. Other ‘A’s support to Attraction.

Using these natural, we should strengthen our tourism field. But we must notice that we should not destroy our natural beauty. We must obey the rules and regulations of the environmental policy and also maintain the natural beauty and eco-system. This is our Myanmar’ citizen duty.

In Myanmar, there are 14 states and regions, each state and region has their own natural beauty and natural resource and their own culture. These are one of the factors that attract the tourists from all our world.

Very soon, I visited in Chin state, Kan Patlet, Naga and Lahal Myo. In this region, there are ethnic group lived in the high mountain and deep valley. Transportation in this region is difficult, health, economic and education factors are also poor and development is very slow. I think this region is like a separate world or small world.

The place lived ethnic groups naturally remain as a tourist destination in the world because of transportation difficulties. So, tour companies are planning trips and led attempts to sell it. However, it still needs the airlines that to run on time. Although it is convenience to travel using lands to chin state as Ayeyarwaddy river crossing bridges and roads construction have finished, it takes time to get to Naga, set-administrative region, because of Chin river crossing bridges are still built. Though some companies only took visitors to that place during Naga festivals before, they will take them in all seasons except raining season nowadays.

Although some tour companies said that setting restricted area affected the country’s tourism sector, some company arranged other destinations to sell itineraries to tourists. State holder found that they priority focus their business instead of they focus about securities of visitors. If tourists got wounds while they travelled restricted area, It don’t need to think, there has the solution that do tour company perform accountability for them? Do they blame to Ministry? Do they blame to Country? The solution is tourists have insurance from companies.

There are many destinations, attracting places that they are safety to visit for international tourists in Myanmar. So, you can sell the itineraries such Myeik, Chin, Naga and Danu, A Long Taw Kathapa, Chatthin, Hlaw Kar, Inn Taw Gyi, InnLay, Kyeik Htee Yoe, Lanpi, Lawkananda, Mainma Hla Kyun, Moe Yone Kyii, Myein, Nat Ma taung, Pin lone Pya Darlin cave, Phoe Kyar, Popa, Shwesettaw, Thamee Hla Kyun, Watthtee Kan.

International tourist said that they like to visit with safety, they don’t want to go restricted areas and they prefer to travel to Myanmar because the securities are good. So, they are giving the ideas about to arrange to maintain the natural resources and we need to emphasize the tourist arrival. There isn’t arrangement to maintain the natural resources in neighboring countries and then they got damages factors on the eco-tourism sectors. Therefore, many tourists are interested to visit Myanmar that can fulfill feel the beauty of nature.

We afraid of thinking over upon damages that changing the cultures, ethnic of local people, if travelers will visit to sparse destinations. We really need quality tourists instead of quantity tourists for our country. We should remark that damaging the natural resources when cheeseparing tourists and thoughtless tourists are visited to our country.

Some are visited for shopping, visiting, knowledge, business or they visited with travel agencies. Many businessman and travel agents had taken photos about the strange of races and then they used this photo to promote for their business. So, our country image was popular around the countries. Although they got many proceeds, the races got a little remuneration for photos but that are their opportunities. So, they should get the remuneration if they want to take their photos. Therefore, we need to give awareness about the tourism. If they will know about tourism, their living standard will improve. We have to assume that we need to prepare and management for new destinations and to give tourism awareness for local people.

Nowadays, Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is implementing new destinations to improve tourism such as to promote Myeik destination, Kayah, Community base tourism, Human resources, international relation committee, and tourism statistic for our country.

We haven’t seen the caves because we haven’t been awaken. Now we need to awake. So, we must take the lessons from this proverbially.

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