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Come Rest at Golden Tree

“ Mingalabar! Our China Southern Air Lines CZ 8472 Airbus 320 flight will land at Haikou City, International Airline, Hainan Island. Please make sure your seatbelts and straight forward your seats. The weather of Haikou is 29 C , 84 F ”.

Sweet declaration of flight attendant from China Southern Air Lines make me stopped my thoughts and wakes me up for not only me and also our team on each other sides.

The reason to get this destination to Hainan Island influence my mind more and I am very excited to prepare for this trip and pound my heart to Hainan Island, historical island where thirty troops from Myanmar learnt military services.

This trip is training course on Investment Promotion for Myanmar and attend (9) senior officers, (25) officers from our Ministry. Cost for flight, accommodation, catering, city tour by related country and I hope this trip, short term period would support our country for some education, experiences, ideas the emotional development and also fulfill the wish of our head officers. After landing very soon . The flight is safely landed to Hainan Island now.

Departs from Yangon at 7pm, from Guangzhou International Airport to Hainan Island, Haikou City at (2:30) Am. China Time is (1) hour and 30 minutes earlier than Myanmar Time. Our group arrive at Serengeti Hotel at (3) Am. According to training class schedules 4 days at hotel in Haikou City , city tour in Haikou, observe to Sanya city for 5days , training back to Haikou City for 3days , city tour in Haikou for 1day, visiting Shenzhen and Guangzhou cities for 2days, trip go and backward for 2days, total for length of trip is 21 long.

I assume that among the modules in training investment promotion One Belt One Road by People Republic of China is the main module in this training class, attract all the countries along the project road. The aim of this project is to go through Center of Middle of Asia and Russia from the way of Road China to Europe, to connect China and Middle –East Regions pass through middle part of Asia , directing at China Coastal land to cooperate 21st marine trading with India Ocean and Southern China ocean across through Southern China ocean to connect with Southern Pacific Ocean .

By establishing One Belt One Road Project would be benefit win –win situation for not only regional countries but also world countries, support for development , implementing well for transportation system, emerging International Finance System for financial development of basic infrastructure .

While I was in Hainan Island, I highly studied and noted the way of speaking, customs, their jobs, city buildings, management for destination by Chinese people during study tour.

As people saying so, China, Second Country for World’s Economic , businesses doing network by Chinese people is widely separated over the world and now China is well developed and upgrade city with prosperity and high economic standard.

I wonder that why they developed and success in developed countries, I didn’t get many solutions about that but I found that their unities and following the law for exactly. They implement systematically long term projects and concern in details. They support very well for psychologists, technicians , support for training education overseas and make benefits for their country , make sure for experts.

Having great mindset develop country also prosperity and development of country make high standard for mindset. By having negative mindset would block the development of country also the lack of country’s prosperity block the mindset to be high standard. That consumption is just my consumtion only. My opinion would be different from others but in practical is true.

In every day’s life , not  going  by assigned crossing road , instead of using overcrossing bridge , people are  passing under that bridge , parking at the place which is not allowed, not using dustbin systematically .Mentioning those problems would not be end.

Without following the basic rules , it’s not possible to develop . If one of each other follows the rules, it would be able to hope for a little and can change. If all obey the laws but one of us deny the rules, he or she would be shame among society and also can change very soon. But for now, none of us follow the rules then no one be shame. The one who throws waste things from the car, the one on the street also throws . The difference between them is afford to buy a car and not. But their mindset are same. Just their former luck is different.

Some of Asian host countries worry too much about visiting Chinese traveller to their countries because when they are at hotels or on streets they make recklessly and dirty the rooms. So those countries don’t expect too much for the arrival of Chinese people.

Like that doing so is for one reason because they can do recklessly to that country. Then what should we do with that issue? The answer is we , ourselves also have to follow the rules tightly.

Domestic Tourism in China is well developed and the statistic is above 4.44 billion. Chinese travellers for 7 million from Yunan State are planning to visit Myanmar. If we get peace and open the border gates, millions of Chinese travellers will come and visit to Myanmar so to restrict and stop those reckless doing problems by Chinese Traveller is to follow and practice our rules by ourselves. Making practices more would be able to change to habits.

About 60 millions of Chinese travellers visit to Hainan Island. I didn’t find that those domestic Chinese travellers are doing recklessly at hotels, throwing things, denying laws. They all follow their laws. That is why all the places and streets I visited are clean and pleasant.

Clean and pleasant scenes make the visitors to be pleasure. All the places in Hainan Island is very nice and very beautiful. The development of domestic tour creates well businesses related to tourism industry. Hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, transportation, airlines are very well developed.

Also in our country, domestic tourism is also increased compare to the past. Earning foreign currency by visiting foreign travellers, creating many job opportunities, trading, local guides, souvenir shops, restaurants, transporting, hotels/motels related to tourism industry are well developed by domestic tourism. So, our country should encourage and implement for domestic tourism as outbound tourism.

We need to try and establish Green City in those destinations to develop tourism for domestic and also foreign travellers. Hinan Island, Sanya city where thirty troops learnt military services might be forestry at that time but for now this is the island which is much modernized island.

Hinan Island, trees and flowers are growing everywhere after knowing that the disadvantages of forest degradation, damaging to the nature and the benefits of conserving the city by their selves decorate and manage systematically to be beautiful garden.

In our country, cutting down the trees that are already planted and green now. But in their country, instead of cutting trees, even almost down trees to well grow and also to be straight they use the stands, stones and transforming to be more beautiful and lively pleasant. They all are widely known about the value of trees and the time that taken to plant and grow a good trees then they avoid cutting trees.

While I was visiting, I did not find any couples are dating badly . But in our country, dating couples badly can be seen everywhere. Even the open minded customs of foreigners are also awkward of seeing those. Those couples are even at pagodas. Although very attractive, beautiful and nice to rest places, people assume that those places shouldn’t go because of such couples.

On trip, we visit to Haikou city , Qionghai City , Sanya City, Shenzhen City, Guangzhou City. In those city , only battery motorbikes are allowed. Because of knowing that using fuel cause the cost of fuel, noise of engines, evolving Carbon dioxide by burning fuel, happening accidents by driving fast. Such danger are threatening to society and natural environment.

Using battery motorbike, no noise, no damage to environment, no serious accidents, low cost, no air pollutions, less using natural resources such those benefits can get.

What I want to mention is no polluting natural environment can attract visitors directly also indirectly and supportive factor for tourism industry . I am sure and admit that I am not impressing too much this country’s development , I admire just their long term for 50/100 years strategy management and ideas also detail plans for development.

My opinion is way of strategy is not focal factor. Each country has their own ideas and different from others. But we can see very clearly their great mindset in modernized and well developed countries.

Hainan island is very good at processing ecosystem and people say that Hainan island is second Hawaii . Hainan Island accepts the second award of managing air pollution among 158 countries for five times. One of the world class leisure island and tourist arrivals are increasing years by years.

Tax system , financial system , education system, basic infrastructure for port , security, organization operation , clear progress , clear land use law etc. such those systems and issues solved by government can attract more investor.

We cannot get any benefits by looking at others’ prosperity and development. We have to admit that our country is about 50 years late compared with another countries. We can even read the eyes of Southeast Asian Countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia which they envied Myanmar in the past.

We must try and make effort for double or triple not only operation processes to progress. I am very ashamed of hearing that Laos is going to sell electric power to Myanmar. How could it be? We, Myanmar people are on source of natural resources but cannot get any benefits from those resources.

We have to change our mindset goals to the high standard, to be impressed by other countries  (especially not to look down )

“Mingalrpar! Our China Southern Air Lines , CZ 8471 Air Bus 320 will land Yangon international airport very soon. Please make sure your seatbelts. The weather is 32 C 90 F.” The experiences of 21 days training periods in Hainan Island to Yangon, during 5 hours on Airplane, alert us to perform self-knowledge, responsibilities for each department. Sweet voice of flight attendant from China Southern Air Lines alert me while I am thinking those issues. In my mind , keep alerting  issues and thoughts.

Translated by Ein Gyinn Khaing

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