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MoHT welcomes Chinese package tourists

IN a warm reception held at the Nilar Hall of the ministry, Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism Dr Thet Thet Khine extended a hearty welcome to Chinese tourists who arrived in Myanmar yesterday under the arrangement of International Travel Asia Travels and Tours in Myanmar, and Dehong Travel Company in Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China. During the meeting, the Union minister expressed gratitude to the government of the People’s Republic of China for including Myanmar on the list of countries permitting Chinese tourists to travel in organized groups. In her address, Dr Thet Thet Khine also touched upon the issue of online fraud, revealing that joint security efforts between the two nations had resulted in arrests and suppression of fraudulent activities. She emphasized the ministry’s commitment to addressing fake news and collaborating closely with the Chinese news agencies to disseminate accurate information. Additionally, the Union minister encouraged tourists to share their genuine experiences during their trip. Highlighting Myanmar’s rich tourism potential, the Union minister promoted 14 must-visit travel destinations for tourists. She extended her best wishes for a delightful and pleasant journey to the visiting Chinese tourists. The leader of the Chinese travel group, Mr Dao Chengfu, shared his motivation for organizing the trip, stating his intention to counteract false narratives about Myanmar on Chinese social media platforms. He pledged to spread positive messages about their experiences and the peaceful ambience of Myanmar’s destinations after the trip, with the aim of attracting more tourists. Mr Dao Chengfu reaffirmed his belief in the enduring strength of the China-Myanmar Pauk[1]Phaw friendship. The Chinese tourist group is scheduled to arrive in Mandalay on 30 September 2023, after departing from Mangshi, China. In addition, arrangements are being made for the visit of tourists from Ruili, Kunming, Shaman, Beijing and Hong Kong. — MNA/TS Source From: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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