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Celebrated for 3 days usually at November .

Celebrated after harvesting crops from the field, it is known as the celebration of the successful harvesting of the year.


Tedim township , Chin State


Khuado is one of the Zomi(Chin) traditional festivals and is the most comprehensive festival of all, reflecting almost every aspect of Zomi(Chin) cultural practices.

The term “khua” literally means any settled area (village, town, or city). In short, “khua” in Khuado represents the lord of the earth under whom various spirits, both good and evil, are functioning as subservient.Again, the term “do” has two meanings – to host and to fight. Meals are brought to the cemetery and kept at the grave as a symbolic act of feeding the departed souls of the dead. In this same festival, harmful demons and evil spirits are driven away from the village. This is done by holding torches, shouting and beating all sorts of objects that can make sound. Then, it is also a preparation for the New Year to come, as the Zomi(Chin) calendar goes along the agriculture cycle. The most important activity of the festival is deciding the site to be cultivated in the next agriculture year with a certain ritual.

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