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Celebrated for 4 days in October beginning from the day before the full Moon day of Thadingyut




Locals from all over the country pay respect at the pagoda. Tourists can witness the unique blend of a lively carnival and a peaceful temple environment.

During this festival, thousands of Mandalay villagers and locals all over Myanmar will come to Mandalay to pay respects to the marble Buddha image at Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda. The celebrations involve a harmonious combination of attractive carnival activities and traditional religious ceremonies. Tourists can find interesting souvenirs in the markets and experience an authentic market experience by the temple. Tourists can visit the carnival and indulge in the joyous environment, or join the locals in praying and paying tributes to the pagoda under the guidance of the monks at the area. Culture-lovers will love to witness this ancient Buddhist festival as it features a contrasting combination between the liveliness of a local market and the peaceful environment of a religious site.

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