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More International Tourists visit Myanmar by cars and motor cycles

Nay Pyi Taw, June (20) In midJune, a group of 9 Malaysian visitors drove through Myanmar, in their own cars and motor cycles, from the Myawawady Gateway on theThailand border to Tamu Gateway on the Indian border. The group travelled with the approval of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the tour programme was managed by Myanmar Senses Family Travels and Tours Co Ltd. “This type of visitation is become more popular said a spokesman for the Ministry and it is a tremendous way for the visitor to see more of Myanmar and for people in more remote areas to benefit from tourism” The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is continuing to explore new product areas, such as self drive tourism and is looking at new destinations and experiences for visitors both domestic and international, especially for visitors arriving through the Border gateways. Myanmar welcomes this new form of visitation and encourages other special interest groups to work with the Ministry in the development of their itinerary, so as to make their experience of travelling through Myanmar one of the most memorable ever.  
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