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Travel Advisory (17) Suggestion, to cooperative on that more resistant prevention COVID-19 for tourist to come Myanmar

Nay Pyi Taw, 21 March
  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed new restraint to prevention for international travellers, couse COVID-19 is more and more like a very dangerous disease.
  2. The next country, high spread are United State, Switzarland, Britain, Nethaland, Austeria, Belgium, Noway, Sweden, Dangmark, the people who stay at that countries, (14) days ago, they must do (facility Quarantine) in Myanmar.
  3. The people who Diplomant and Authorcity person, from under the rule of United Nations, must stay on their each home (14) days like a (Home Quarantine) and they must show recommendation negative sign COVID-19 from their own Authority Health cure.
  4. Our government also instruction out, Visa on Arrival and (e-visa) for international by essue that, it will be temporary suspension till up to 30.4.2020.
  5. So, we suggest, all of our travel industry direct provider, direct supplier, can joy and to obey our suggestion.
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