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Travel Advisory (21) Advising the issue relating to the foreign nations residing at hotels and apartment

  1. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has been focusing on developing the Tourism sector in Myanmar and offering safe and secure travel experience to travelers.
  2. Some foreign nations who are currently residing and not able to arrange for the immediate return to their home country due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, are staying at Hotels and apartments. It was recognized that some hotels and apartments are forcing them to remain outside of the current location. Thus there is issued to avoid making effort to leave foreigners who have been in there for any length of time and as a local community there is any suspects of their infections send out informs to the respective local health department. Besides as respective township general administrative offices have to provide necessary assistance and prevent from happening such kind of cases again.
  3. Please be advised hotels where some foreign nations are officially residing, tour companies, tour guides and all tourism stakeholders to cooperate according to the instructions.
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