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Travel Advisory (27) Advice to foreign nationals to be aware of and follow the health care guidelines when visiting Myanmar

Nay Pyi Taw, 21 July
1. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has been implementing plans for tourism development and plans to ensure security, safety, and convenience of international visitors traveling in Myanmar.
2. As stated by the National- Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Covid-19, it is instructed that foreign nationals in urgent need for implementing the projects, businesses, constructions and official matters that cooperate with the Myanmar Governments, wishing to enter Myanmar must present Laboratory Evidence of Absence of COVID-19 Infection ( Real-Time RT-PCR Nasal Swab Result ) taken 36 hours with the way of Fast Track before departure from their current destination. All arriving foreigners will be subject facility quarantine in the specific place and after a day, travelers must have a Nasal Swab test. 5 days after a test is done, travelers will also need to test Nasal Swab again and require proof of a negative PCR result to start at a workplace. There will be subject to testing at their own expense.
3. Based on this guideline, foreign nationals come to Myanmar for the purposes of national projects, businesses, constructions, and official matters and all international travelers need to follow the rules and regulations of health care guidelines mentioned above.
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