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TRAVEL ADVISORY (29) Prohibition from gathering thirty or more than thirty people regarding on prevention COVID-19

  1. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has been carrying out for sustainable tourism development, and to ensure security, safety, and satisfaction of visitors traveling in Myanmar.
  2. According to the current COVID-19 disease outbreak, The Ministry of Health and Sports has issued the order to prohibit from gathering thirty or more than thirty person to curb the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to implement preventive measures except the following-
  1. Going to and returning from office duties at the state departments/organizations
  2. Going to and returning from the workplace for duties at the companies, factories, and workshops
  3. Buying and selling at permitted markets and shopping malls
  4. Transports of permitted commodities
  5. Court proceedings
  6. Permitted measures against COVID-19
  7. Emergency rescues and emergency cases
  8. Going to the hospital and clinic for the health issue
  9. Funeral affairs.
  1. Thus, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, suggest the domestic travelers and the tourism and related business abide by the directives of the paragraph (2) accordingly.
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