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Notifying that Tourist Visa on Arrival will soon be granted to China Nationals & India Nationals

  1. Tourist Visa on Arrival for Chinese and Indian citizens have been granted starting from 30-08-2023 as a one-year pilot project in accordance with COVID-19 rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health.
  2. When China citizen & India citizen tourists arrive to the International Airport, the Tourist Visa on Arrival shall be granted as per the followings-
  • Upon arrival to the International Airports, the tourist shall acquire the Visa on Arrival form free of charge and fill in the form with 2 color photos (1.2 x 1.5) inches.
  • For applying Visa on Arrival, it shall be collected USD 50 for each person and can stay up to 30 days.
  • This is only for entering for visiting and hence, only Tourist Visa shall be granted.
  • The Passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining and if it is less than 6 months, entry will not be permitted, and the passenger will be deported via the airline they arrived in.
  • Extension of the stay will not be permitted.
  • Overstay persons must pay overstay fine.
  1. China citizen & India citizen tourists granted Tourist Visa on Arrival must comply with the following rules during their stay-
  • Must respect & comply with Myanmar’s existing Laws and Procedures.
  • Apart from the areas within Myanmar that are restricted due to security reasons, the tourists may freely travel to places which allows access to foreigners.
  • If the passenger arriving with Tourist Visa on Arrival is not permitted entry by relevant Security forces/authorities or is included in the Immigration Department’s Blacklist, entry will be denied, and they will be deported via their arriving airline.
  • Those entering the country with Tourist Visa on Arrival may enter/exit the International Airports via the International entry/exit gates.

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Source From: Ministry of Immigration and Population